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AxonDAO Genesis Charity NFT

The AxonDAO Genesis NFT is a Charity NFT in collaboration with one of our contributors, Clark Hipolito, a fine artist out of Raleigh North Carolina. The amount raised from the NFT will be split between AxonDAO, Clark, and Thank You Life. 

Thank You Life is a nonprofit based out of Austin, TX. They offers grants to patients who can't afford legal psychedelic treatment. 

The AxonDAO Genesis NFT will launch on Desci.World  on August 15th.

Not sure how to buy one? Click Here

Genesis NFT

Healing the wounds of trauma

Artist: Clark Hipolito

Tharusha Jayasena, a neuroscientist and researcher wrote an article for the AxonDAO Genesis drop that dives deep into the positive effects of psychedelics on mental health and specifically on PTSD. Read more here. 

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