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A DeSci Health Data DAO
What is AxonDAO?

AxonDAO is a community of experts, token holders, and passionate contributors who are progressing the development of advanced medicines, therapies, and funding methods using blockchain and AI.

What is AxonHealth™ ?

 AxonHealth™ is a consent-to-earn, health data monetization platform. It collects, stores, analyzes, and sells the data from wearables, biomarkers, digital phenotypes, for clinical and medical research.


What is an AxonDAO Token?

An AxonDAO Token is and ERC20 security-token which represents ownership stake in AxonDAO (Axon DAO LLC). It's only available for purchase by accredited investors as a private security offering, or can be earned by contributing to the DAO. Its value is backed by the revenues, cashflows, profits, demand, physical and tokenized assets owned by AxonDAO.



Advisors & Contributors 



Total Token Supply

 Tokens Allocated



Bob Crouch

A former COO with over 30 years of experience building and selling companies | a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer Veteran.

Chris Crecelius 

A project developer and  former CEO of a media brand | over 15 years experience in technical team building, private equity structures, design, and  communication systems.

Randall Willard, MD

An ER Physician with over 20 years experience at four hospitals in NC & VA | Chairman for nearly 12 years at NHRMC. 

Kevin Cannon, MD

The Medical Director and Principal Investigator for Clinical Research at PMG-Wilmington | former President and Treasurer of Medical Staff at NHRMC.

Whit Honeycutt

Entrepreneur. Founded and sold a marketing company. Commercial Real Estate. Founded North State Custom Homes in Wilmington, NC.

Marcus Lewis

A Veteran US Military Officer |  CEO and founder of SMG Mobile | 20 years in technology and software development technology.

J. Alex Thomas, MD

An American Board Certified Neurological Surgeon, who developed the Lateral Single Position Surgery technique in spinal fusion | Graduate, residency at Georgetown University.

Brenna Damatta

Self-Sustained entrepreneur | Tech background | project management | Founder of streaming platform for independent musicians.

Tharusha Jayasena

Tharusha has a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Centre for Healthy Brain Aging, UNSW, Sydney. 

Mack Stachowiak

Cognitive Platforms SaaS Engineer, worked for Roche, Genetech, Eli Lily, Merck, AstraZeneca, McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte & more. Skilled at Web3, AI, data, monetization and community integration. 

Ian Alexander

Expert in crypto, NFT, and blockchain launches | Manager of a consulting firm for blockchain technologies | Development experience in blockchain solutions.

Nina Patrick

A scientist, CEO & Co-Founder @ memido | Newcomer of the Year '21 German Startup Awards, PhD Drug Discovery & Development, BS. Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Ekin Genç 

A freelance writer for Decrypt, Vice,  consultant, director, with a Masters in Social Science of the Internet from University of Oxford, with accreditations from Harvard, and  London School of Economics.

Chris Byrnes

A registered patent attorney and IP strategist at Calyx Law | Legal engineer of IP-NFTs | Adjunct professor at IE University with degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, and Denison University.

Chad Slate

Chad has a MBA, Financial Advisor, Experienced Writer, Project & Business Manager.

Ronn Baker

A digital asset, global transaction, ledger and securities specialist. Current Director of Innovation and Crypto Strategy for Baton Systems a global FinTech Company.

Lincoln Archibald

Fundraising Consultant, fund manager, CFO @ Investment Fund Secrets on YouTube.

Aysha Javed

Post-Doctorate Clinical Trial Researcher. DAO Advisor and Social Media.

Azeem Khan

Azeem's background began in Biotech, expanding into ecosystem building, fundraising and media, published in Forbes-Tech Crunch, currently the Fundraising and Partnership Lead at Gitcoin.

Bo Howell

Experienced Securities Lawyer, Founder of  FinTech law, Fund Management, Consulting, previously worked at US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and more.

Clark Hipolito

Clark is a Raleigh, NC-based artist & designer. He started the Art Company Inc in 1994, focusing on original art, murals, and award-winning commercial interior designs.  

Yuvraj Singh

 President of Australia's University Network for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. Student-run & affiliated with UNSW & USYD.

Tyler Leinenbach

Venture Capital experience, DeSci, Community building, Investing.


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